ABOUT US The most important signs in life are hidden in our emotions. If we listen to them, our path will always be brighter and brighter. Our homes are perhaps the places where we can reflect these feelings best. Where else can we find the energy given by a small object, a flower, a tea table set at home?



Mikasa Moor was founded in 2004 with the excitement of being able to share these feelings.

Houses with tasteful touches

Thinking about those who want to change their mood, Mikasa Moor has the same feelings

with special designs to make you feel in the stores as well

It always aims to meet itself.


Your life

by bringing elegance, quality and usability to the forefront

It brings you products that you can use in every field.

What would the Mikasa Moor woman's house be like, how would she live in a place

created by leaving the road with the principles of wish,

A product range that develops and expands every season

offers you.


Mikasa Moor collections;

Help you add creative touches from your homes to your tables

Every passing day grows with you.


Today, with a total of 43 stores in many parts of Turkey



In addition to its stores in Turkey and abroad, it is easy and reliable

Always with the e-Commerce site that offers shopping opportunities

It continues on its way with you.